"Ambassador" who is he/she/they?

An ambassador is a person who is an integrated part of our company, an Envoy, who by his/her/their presence keep our presence in their surrounding. The surroundings may vary according to the nature of the Ambassadorship.

For instance, We have 5 Kinds of Ambassadorship:

  1. Campus Ambassador
  2. Internship Ambassador
  3. School Ambassador
  4. Skill Ambassador
  5. Media Ambassador

What does an Ambassador have to do?

Lets See

  1. To maintain our presence in colleges.
  2. To promote our cause on your campus.
  3. Learn time management skills and communication skills.
  4. Build a strong network.
  5. Create a strong media presence.
  6. Become an envoy of our events and workshops on your campus. (The company will organize all these events.)
  7. These events can be interactive by hosting questionnaires to clear any doubts that your fellow students might have about the company.).
  8. You will extract creative ideas from the university’s community. And provide that information to our representative. 
  9. You will suggest what kind of workshop or event could we organize on your campus in collaboration with the college.
  10. You are (at least) supposed to make a ton of connections along the way and interact with a lot of new people.
  11. Be connected with all societies and clubs of your college.
  12. We require a commitment of only more than 2 hours/week on average.
  13. Be always connected with Heads of Departments for better via WhatsApp or Facebook ambassador groups.
  14. To communicate events and happenings of the company in your college.
  15. Make your fellow students join our Facebook and Instagram Groups/ Page. ( No minimum limit Restriction)
  16. Develop a strong influence on the students and be a representative of a lot of inter-college programs.

What does an Ambassador get?

Well! here is a brief list of benefits you will have during and after your time as an Ambassador.

  1. You will gain valuable experiences. 
  2. Get corporate exposure while studying.
  3. Get a certificate for being a campus ambassador.
  4. Chances to win awesome rewards and gift vouchers.
  5. Enhance your CV.
  6. You will learn new things and also improve your communication and marketing skills.
  7. Merit Certificates for exceptional performers.
  8. Ensure only your academic blooming.
  9. Get a chance to build a reputation among your peers.
  10. Free entry to all our events and workshops.
  11. boost your employability and ensure that you are contributing towards your very own future
  12. On-Demand LORs.
  13. Letter/Certificate of Internship.
  14. Inter-organization working experience.
  15. Free Counselling Sessions till the end of the internship with one Dedicated Counselor.
  16. Interns will get their Intern ID Cards(Digital or Physical).


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